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The Mobile Hawk is the world’s highest performance handheld imager and easily reads any challenging direct part marks (DPM), from linear barcodes to 2D symbols. Using advanced technology, the Mobile Hawk combines patent-pending MAXlite illumination with aggressive X-Mode DPM algorithms.



Microscan Data Readers

Bar Codes & Symbols
Linear or 1D barcodes have been in use since the 1970s and
are the most common symbology type used for automatic identification part tracking. Today, increasing numbers of manufacturers are using two-dimensional (2D) symbols, such as Data Matrix, that offer greater placement flexibility and increased data capacity. Many industries specify the exact symbologies which must be used, and regulate their quality.

In addition, many manufacturers now practice “cradleto-grave” traceability and permanently mark parts with a machine-readable symbol that is verified at each stage of the manufacturing process. Machine-readable symbols generally fall into the categories of linear barcodes, stacked symbols, 2D symbols, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) fonts.

Types of Data Readers
1D or 2D - Readers can be broken down by several categories.  In the most basic of terms, there are 1D (one-dimensional) or  2D (two-dimensional) style readers. Many readers can do both types of codes.  Below are only a few examples of each style of bar code.

1D Bar Code

2D Bar Code

Composite Bar Code Example

Reader or Verifier - A reader is used to collect data from the bar code.  Applications for this type of reader include retail store checkouts and inventory control. They are also used extensively in the manufacturing sectors. 

Verifiers on the other hand, evaluate and verify the quality of the printed code.  This is done to ensure that the bar code will be readable and is within certain industry tolerances as defined by the bar code's particular quality specification standard.


Microscan is a technology leader focused on precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM markets.

Data Acquisition and Control Solutions -We help manufacturers around the world drive down cost and waste, automate critical manufacturing process, and increase yields though data acquisition and control solutions.

From personal electronics to clinical instruments and car components, Microscan solutions enable critical production level applications such as quality control, work-in-process monitoring, guiding the movement of goods, component traceability, sortation, and lot tracking.

Precision - Microscan products are precision instruments. From tasks such as high speed barcode reading to high accuracy orientation, placement and coordinate checking through machine vision, Microscan products reliably perform complex data acquisition.

Technology Leader - Microscan has a strong history of technology innovation. We revolutionized the automatic identification (auto ID) industry In the early 1980s with the invention of the first laser-diode barcode scanner, and with the invention of the 2D symbology, Data Matrix. Today, Microscan continues to be a recognized technology leader within the auto ID industry through continuous new product development in the areas of barcode reading and machine vision.

AUTO ID 1D Bar Code Readers

Scan Engine

Ultra Compact CCD Reader
Ultra Compact Laser Scanner
High Speed Bar Code Scanner
Industrial Compact Laser Scanner
Industrial Raster Bar Code Scanner

Industrial Raster Laser Scanner

Industrial Automation Scanner
AUTO ID 2D Readers & Verifiers
Hawkeye® 1500
Smart Camera DPM  Bar Code Reader

Ultra Compact Imager

Quadrus® MINI Velocity High Speed Imager 

Quadrus® MINI Imagers Series

MINI Hawk Imager Series

QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager

Quadrus® EZ Dynamic Smart Camera

Quadrus® Verifier 
Factory Floor Data Matrix Verifier

UID DPM Compliance Verifier

UID LDP Compliance Verifier

AUTO ID 2D Hand Held Readers 
Mobile Hawk Highest Performance Handheld DPM Imager
MS-Q Quadrus® Imager for DPM

MS-Q Quadrus® Basic Handheld Imager

Hawkeye® 40 Series Imager for DPM & Barcode Reader

HawkEye® 45T Handheld Imager with Integrated Display

  HS-1 Handheld Barcode Reader

HS-2D Imager

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