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and Custom Fiber Optic Applications

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Machine Vision Lighting

The better the lighting solution, the better your machine vision system will perform. Lighting is paramount to the success of most machine vision applications.  Accurate, reliable and repeatable performance means greater productivity at a lower cost to you.  If you want to understand the machine vision better, take a look at our A.T.E.S.T Guide to Lighting.

U.S. Automation carries Machine Vision Lighting products from some of the best in the business - Nerlite, Spectrum Illumination, and Dolan Jenner.

Nerlite Technology

Microscan Machine Vision Lighting products are manufactured under the brand name of NERLITE. NERLITE is widely recognized around the globe as the "standard" for machine vision illumination and machine vision imaging. The

NERLITE brand encompasses a wide selection of products, including:

Area Arrays, Spot Lights, Linear Arrays (Line Lights),

Ring Lights, or Dome Illuminators

Backlight and Dark-Field Illuminators

DOAL® & COAL – Diffuse On-Axis Light® & Collimated

On-Axis Coaxial Lights

SCDI® – Square Continuous Diffuse Illuminator

CDI® – "Cloudy Day"® Continuous Diffuse Illuminator

MAXlite – Multi-Axis Light

and also NERLITE designed custom illuminators for OEMs

NERLITE® Machine Vision Lighting

Innovative NERLITE® lighting products have enabled machine vision and Auto ID systems to perform reliably in simple or challenging applications. Our NERLITE product line, the longest-established brand of machine vision lighting, has grown and been refined from our experience with hundreds of applications in dozens of industries. Ranging from cost effective solutions for common applications, to technically advanced implementations for challenges involving transparent, highly specular, round or irregularly shaped objects and surfaces, there is a NERLITE solution to your lighting problem.

Area Array Illuminators

Large Area Illuminators

Ring Illuminators

Dome Illuminators

Back Lights

Dark Field Illuminators

DOAL/COAL Illuminators

SCDI  Illuminators

CDI Illuminators

Multi-Access Illuminators

See the complete Microscan Nerlite Machine Vision Catalog....click here

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