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WebMax Web Break Detection Systems

U.S. Automation has been protecting presses around the world from web breaks for over a decade.  WebMax provides the ultimate in press web break detection for commercial and newspaper applications.  Using state-of-the art, high-frequency ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of web, WebMax is custom designed for your specific press application.

WebMax is a fully automatic "hands-off" control system that arms the web detection sensors at preset press speed points.  Once a web break is detected, WebMax stops the press and "fires" the web severers before costly cylinder damage can occur from web wrap-ups. The system will then reset itself automatically for the next press run.

When you need the best, forget about the rest.  Put WebMax to the test!

Upgrade Your Existing System & Save!

Retain your existing system, and only upgrade your web detection bars.  Contact U.S. Automation  for details.

WebMax Sensor upgrades for your existing QuadTech System

More info...

WebMax: Specifications:

Type:     Ultrasonic
Range:  .625" to 5.0"
Response Time: 2ms
Power:  12-24VDC
Output:  NPN (sinking)
              PNP (sourcing)
Agency  Approval: CE
Mounting: Extruded Bar
Severers: Programmable Firing
Controller: PLC Based
Network Type: Device Net
Display: Color LCD Panel
Agency Approvals: CE


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