Printing Press Equipment

U.S. Automation’s printing press equipment can help with all your printing press needs.


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Auxiliary Equipment For The Printing Industry Manufactured In-House


Our Mission at U.S. Automation, Inc. is to resolve our customer’s problems with the most modern solutions in the most timely manner possible. We realize every moment of downtime equals lost profits and it is our goal to be your premier industrial equipment and solution provider. We build relationships by taking our customer’s problems as seriously as they do, and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing solutions, not just sales.

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WebMax Web Detection


WebMax Web Detection provides the ultimate in press web break detection for commercial and newspaper applications. WebMax is custom-designed for your specific press application.

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InkMax Ink Leveling & Meters


The InkMax IM1000 is a one-piece ink leveler that is simple to install and it’s maintenance-free. With our Ink Meter, you can accurately measure your ink consumption, increasing profitability.

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Gator X2 Web Severer


The Gator X2 is designed to cut the lightest of paper up to the heavier cover and board stocks. The Gator’s design makes it ideal for retrofitting into an existing press line.