Smart Series DOAL Illuminators

4 sizes
High intensity
Built in controller
Superior uniformity
3 colors and infrared
Compact & lightweight

Smart Series DOAL® (Diffuse On-Axis Light) illuminators provide diffuse, uniform illumination for flat specular surfaces. With the coaxial lighting approach, specular surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright, while surfaces surfaces which are marked or embossed absorb light and appear dark. By providing greater uniformity than conventional sources, DOALs increase machine vision accuracy and repeatability.

  • Available in 3 colors and Infrared
  • 4 sizes are available
  • Smart Series Technology: Built-in controller with continuous and high output strobe modes
  • Provides superior uniformity throughout the illumination envelope
  • Compact, light weight package can be used on moving camera modules
  • Passively cooled models are available (DOAL 25 & DOAL 50) 

Illumination Example:

Stamped characters on a metal plate: High contrast image allows inspection or reading



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