MS-Connect 210 Connectivity Solution with Ethernet

Fast installation
Easy maintenance
Informative display
Ethernet connectivity
Additional power options
IP65 rated industrial design

  • Fast installation and easy maintenance of any Omron Microscan scanner or imager
  • IP65 rated industrial design
  • Better organization of cables and wiring on factory floor
  • Protocol conversion allows connection via Ethernet

The MS-Connect 210 simplifies connectivity of Omron Microscan readers in industrial applications. This factory floor ready wiring box features a vivid display, convenient access holes for easy wire routing, and multiple connectivity options including Ethernet protocols.

The MS-Connect 210 is the ideal Omron Microscan reader accessory for any users seeking an easy connectivity option.

Ethernet Connectivity:  Connect to a host using serial or Ethernet connection. Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP protocols are available out of the box.

Informative Display:  Providing two lines of decoded information, the optional display is ultra-bright and easy to read.

I/O Indicators:  The front panel on the MS-Connect 210 provides visual confirmation of performance. Multiple colors are used for easy recognition.

Relay Modules:  The MS-Connect 210 includes slots for optional relay modules to allow for greater use of external devices including light stacks.

Practical Design:  Four access holes located on the box allow users quick, easy, and clean wiring of inputs and outputs. Mounting is simplified with four accessible through-holes for mounting screws. An optional plate is available for easy DIN rail mounting.

Clear Wiring Path:
  Wiring to the appropriate terminal block is easily accomplished, due to the access holes and a clear area located between the terminal rows.

Additional Power: 
 The MS-Connect 210 includes the option to power three additional readers.


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