PanelScan PCB Traceability System

Easily integrated
Scalable software
Large area imaging
Remote configuration
Intuitive user interface
Inline decoding and verification of 1D/2D codes

PanelScan® is a user-friendly and easily integrated traceability solution for capturing barcode data from multi-array PCBs at the front-end or mid-stream on any SMT line. This integrated system replaces error-prone manual scanning with a solution that allows for in-motion reading and keeps production lines moving. The PanelScan system is the ideal traceability and inspection solution for any high mix electronics manufacturer.

  • Inline decoding and verification of 1D/2D codes
  • Scalable to Visionscape® for additional inspection tasks
  • Available in both Standard and Wide versions for flexible implementation
  • Solution includes software, camera, lens, light, trigger, and cables


Intuitive User Interface
:  The innovative PanelScan interface is exceptionally easy to use. Line operators can quickly train and recall jobs to make sure production is always running.

Remote Configuration
:  After setup, line changes are easily managed within the software so that updates can be configured remotely or through automation. Product mix and barcode location changes no longer require lengthy line shut-downs to reposition, reconfigure, and test barcode readers.

Easily Integrated:  PanelScan is a packaged solution that can be integrated into almost any production environment. Built-in software application utilities allow integration into an existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Scalable Software:  Easily upgrade to full functionality of Visionscape software to access value-added inspection tasks such as absence/presence, measurement, and OCR/OCV.


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