MicroHAWK Engine

Highly modular
Extremely powerful
No Software required
Reliability and longevity


Modular OEM Barcode Imaging Engine

The MicroHAWK® Engine offers OEMs and machine builders the industry’s smallest, most powerful, modular, and scalable auto ID platform available for solving the toughest 1D/2D barcode reading challenges.

The design of the MicroHAWK Engine builds upon Omron Microscan’s 30+ years of experience working with the world’s largest OEMs. MicroHAWK offers practically limitless combinations of optics, sensors, decoders, and processing performance to meet any OEM barcode reading requirement. Extremely small, powerful, and simple – MicroHAWK is the ideal solution for your embedded application.

Measuring just 19.5 mm x 28.7 mm x 33.9 mm and weighing less than 14 g, the MicroHAWK Engine is intended for use in robotic equipment and for mounting in the smallest spaces.

Extremely Powerful
Built around an ultra-fast microprocessor, MicroHAWK easily solves application challenges ranging from simple barcode reading to direct part mark (DPM) applications.

No Software Required
The streamlined WebLink product setup tool requires no software installation and features an intuitive interface for novice users.

Reliability and Longevity
MicroHAWK delivers both reliability and high performance with the assurance of long-term availability and support. Omron Microscan has served the OEM/Embedded market for over 30 years and we have a sophisticated understanding of the service and support required for the lifecycle of your machine.


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