Barcode Verification Kits

Dot peen verification kit
1D/2D label verification kit
Large linear verification kit

Verification is the measurement of the quality of a 1D barcode or 2D symbol according to an agreed-upon quality standard. Omron Microscan’s Barcode Verification Kits include cameras, software, and precision illumination specifically designed for verifying a variety of 1D/2D codes and direct part marks (DPM) to ISO and AIM requirements. Kits include a variety of capabilities for in-line or off-line barcode grading in the most common verification applications.

Download the Barcode Verification Kits Selection Guide. (.pdf)

Three preconfigured kits meet verification needs for various code types and substrates:

1D/2D Label Verification Kit:
Configured to read 1D or 2D codes on flat labels whether printed or laser etched. Verifies to ISO 15415, ISO 15416, or AIM DPM/ISO 29158 (as an alternative geometry) or custom verification. HAWK MV-4000 smart camera and lens paired with Nerlite Pharmalite light.

Dot Peen Verification Kit:  Configured for reading 2D Data Matrix symbols directly marked by dot peen onto flat surfaces. Verifies to ISO 15415, AIM DPM/ISO 29158, or custom verification. HAWK MV-4000 smart camera and lens paired with Nerlite DOAL light.

Large Linear Verification Kit:
Configured for verification of 1D codes longer than 2 inches in length, printed or laser etched on a flat surface. Verifies to ISO 15416 or custom verification.HAWK MV-4000 smart camera and lens paired with Nerlite MAX light.

Each Verification Kit Includes:

Preconfigured Geometries:  Convenient all-in-one packages include the ideal camera lens specifications and lighting mounted at the prescribed angles for compliance with global barcode verification standards such as ISO 15416, ISO 15415, and AIM DPM/ISO 29158.

Powerful Software:  
Includes Omron Microscan AutoVISION Machine Vision Software with additional Verification/OCV license, enabling Symbol Quality Verification of 1D and 2D codes. AutoVISION can be used for both inline verification of codes as they are printed or applied, or offline verification of sample codes and for testing. Jobs in AutoVISION software can be customized with additional inspection tools from the full AutoVISION machine vision tool set including OCR, Measure, Count, Match String, and more.

Verification Reports:  Save and print detailed Symbol Quality Verification Reports in AutoVISION or AutoVISION. Download a sample verification report with instructions on interpreting the data.


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