Visionscape GigE Integrated Vision Solution

User Interfaces
Gigabit Ethernet
Flexible Configuration
Single Camera Systems

  • High speed, high resolution image processing
  • Provides full capabilities of powerful Visionscape software
  • System implementation uses standard network components
  • Support up to eight Visionscape GigE cameras
  • GigE cameras available in multiple configurations, including: VGA Mono or Color CCD, VGA Mono CCD High Speed, XGA Mono or Color CCD, SXGA Mono or Color CCD, UXGA Mono or Color CCD, QSXGA Mono or Color CCD, QSXGA Mono or Color CMOS, QUXGA Mono CCD

From an economical single vision smart camera system to a sophisticated eight camera application, Omron Microscan’s Visionscape® GigE Machine Vision System contains all necessary components for a complete, successful machine vision implementation.

PC-based Gigabit Ethernet systems leverage standard network components such as cabling, switches and interface cards. Visionscape GigE supports a complete set of Omron Microscan machine vision GigE cameras which, in combination with Visionscape software, allows for rapid deployment of any scale of machine vision solution.

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE):  Gigabit Ethernet allows for high speed data transfers at one gigabit per second. With the Visionscape GigE solution, this system can be easily deployed using standard low-cost network components, long cable lengths and no frame grabber boards.

Flexible Configuration:  Visionscape GigE cameras features C-mount optics, and built-in strobe and trigger connections. A wide variety of sensor resolutions are available, ranging from VGA to QUXGA (8 MP), with CMOS, CCD and color options.

Compact and Lightweight:  Most Visionscape GigE cameras weigh just 4 oz. with a small form factor to allow flexible positioning in tight spaces or mounting in robotic applications.

User Interfaces:  Visionscape FrontRunner engineering user interface enables quick and easy creation of complex vision applications. The AppRunner runtime interface provides complete system status, application monitoring and results.


Specifications for Visionscape GigE Software


• Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor
• Internet Explorer 7 or higher
• 2GB RAM/128MB Video RAM (Windows 7); 1GB/128MB Video RAM (XP)
• 750MB hard drive space
• 16-bit color display
• 3.0 Windows Experience Index
• 1 USB port and 1 Network port
• Open PCIe slot for digital I/O card (if required)
• Built-in GigE network card or open slot for GigE network interface card

Specifications for Visionscape GigE Camera
(Note: Dimensions and specifications represent the most common camera models.)

Mechanical (CCD)
Height: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Width: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Depth: 1.88″ (47.8 mm)
Weight: ≤ 3.17 oz. (90 g)

Mechanical (CMOS)
Height: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Width: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Depth: 1.70″ (43.1 mm)
Weight: ≤ 3.17 oz. (90 g)

Communication Protocols
Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet

Light Collection
Progressive scan, full frame and partial frame

Symbology Types

2D Symbologies: Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code
Linear Barcodes: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UPC/EAN, UPC-E, UPC Supplementals, I2 of 5, BC412, Codabar, Postnet, Pharmacode, GS1 Databar and Composite

Docs & Drivers

SPECSpecification SheetVisionscape GigE Specification SheetDownload Now »
QSQuick Start GuideVisionscape GigE Quick Start GuideDownload Now »
FWUFirmwareVisionscape GigE FirmwareDownload Now »
CADDrawingsVisionscape GigE DrawingsDownload Now »
MANUser ManualVisionscape GigE User ManualDownload Now »
CONConfiguration GuideVisionscape GigE Configuration GuideDownload Now »

Part Numbers

Visionscape Software

Part NumberDescription
GMV-VGL0-1DD1Visionscape GigE License with Intellifind
GMV-VGL8-1DD1Visionscape GigE License with Intellifind + 8 Third Party GigE Cameras

GigE Cameras

Part NumberDescription
98-000115-01Visionscape GigE Camera - VGA Mono CCD (CMG03 - 656 x 494 pixels)
98-000116-01Visionscape GigE Camera - VGA Color CCD (CMG03C - 656 x 494 pixels)
98-000117-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 0.8MP XGA Mono CCD (CMG08 - 1032 x 776 pixels)
98-000118-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 1.3MP SXGA Mono CCD (CMG13 - 1392 x 1040 pixels)
98-000119-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 2MP UXGA Mono CCD (CMG20 - 1624 x 1236 pixels)
98-000120-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 5MP QSXGA Mono CCD (CMG50 - 2448 x 2050 pixels)
98-000141-01Visionscape GigE Camera - VGA Mono CCD - 1/2 in sensor (CMG04 - 656 x 494 pixels)
98‐000189‐01Visionscape GigE Camera - 2MP UXGA Color CCD (CMG20c - 1624 x 1236 pixels)
98‐000190‐01Visionscape GigE Camera - 5MP QSXGA Color CCD (CMG50c - 2448 x 2050 pixels)
98-000191-01Visionscape GigE Camera - SXGA Mono CCD - 2/3 ins. Sensor (CMG14 - 1392 x 1040 pixels)
98-000220-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 0.8 MP Color CCD (CMG08c - 1032 x 776 pixels)
98-000221-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 1.3 MP Color CCD (CMG13c - 1392 x 1040 pixels)
98-000222-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 5 MP Mono CMOS (CMGC50 - 2592 x 1944 pixels)
98-000230-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 5 MP Color CMOS (CMGC50c - 2592 x 1944 pixels)
98-000260-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 8 MP Mono CCD (CMG80 - 3296 x 2472 pixels)
98-000267-01Visionscape GigE Camera - 0.3 MP Mono CCD - High Speed (CMG04h - 640 x 480 pixels)


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