Edge-to-Edge Backlights

4 sizes available
M12 connectors
Ease of integration
High level of uniformity
Edge-to- Edge technology
Low profile, compact shape
3 colors & infrared available

The Edge to Edge Backlight Series provides sharp contrast to outline a part’s shape, find edges and view openings such as drilled holes. High intensity and uniformity are packed into a low-profile industrial package providing optimal thermal management of the LEDs. The lighting design provides the unique ability to mate multiple lights to provide larger illuminated areas.

  • Available in 3 colors and Infrared
  • 4 sizes are available
  • High level of uniformity for repeatable machine vision results
  • Edge-to-Edge technology allows multiple lights to be combined creating larger illuminated areas
  • M12 connectors for easy connections to power supplies, drivers or advanced controllers
  • Low profile, compact shape takes minimal space providing ease of integration within machinery

Illumination Example:

Light bulb: Resulting image clearly shows silhouette of filament inside the bulb



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