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WebLink: The World’s First Browser-Based Barcode Reader Configuration Interface

Omron Microscan introduces the world’s first browser-based barcode reader interface. Set up, test, control, and monitor MicroHAWK barcode readers from the web browser of your choice using the intuitive WebLink user interface. Simply enter a reader’s IP address on any web-enabled host and follow Assisted Setup to start decoding. Adjust reader controls remotely, regardless of physical access to the barcode reader, and monitor decoding results in real time.

Watch a WebLink video to see just how easy it is to use.

Read multiple, static, moving, or damaged codes and even train the interface to adjust settings for challenging conditions.

Auto-adjust the reader’s exposure and gain to automatically increase symbol contrast for reliable decoding.
Train the reader to use the ideal combination of decoding parameters for the target symbol to boost reading power.
Reduce processes run by the reader, using only those needed to read the target symbol, to increase decode speeds.
Switch from autofocus (adjusts focus after every five no-reads) to fixed focus (click for spot focus, or set in./mm distances).

  • No software installation required
  • Compatible with any MicroHAWK barcode reader
  • Set up, test, and control readers from the browser of your choice
  • Real-time remote access to barcode reader settings
  • Best-in-class usability


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