HS-360X “Ultra-Rugged” Direct Part Mark Handheld Scanner

Wired or Wireless
Ultra-Rugged DPM Handheld
Industry-Leading DPM Decoding Performance with X-Mode
Intuitive WebLinkPC Interface

The HS-360X Ultra-Rugged Handheld Imagers is Omron Microscan’s newest generation of industrial Direct Part Mark (DPM) handheld imagers, purpose built from the ground up to set new standards for durability and performance. With best in class out of box performance most applications require NO setup. An all NEW user interface WebLinkPC makes setup for more difficult applications intuitive and easy.

Ultra-Rugged: The HS-360X withstands multiple drops from 8’ and 5,000 tumbles

X-Mode Decode Algorithms:  The HS-360X includes industry-leading X-Mode decoding algorithms to consistently read damaged, distorted or otherwise challenging directly marked codes at high decode rates.

Performance Indicators:  In addition to a beeper, visual and vibrating indicators provide silent confirmation of successful reads for noisy or sensitive environments.

Industrial Fluid and Chemical Tolerable:
  Many industrial fluids and chemicals deemed tolerable.

Charging Station:  The charging station is IP65 and transmits and receives data over a Bluetooth class 1 or 2 out to 300 feet. It includes a Wi-Fi friendly mode and a paging button to locate a misplaced imager.

Ease of Use – WebLinkPCScanner configuration and deployment with browser based user interface and device discovery.


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