Barcode Verification

Verification is the measurement of the quality of a 1D barcode or 2D symbol according to an agreed-upon quality standard. Omron Microscan’s Barcode Verifiers are embedded off-line solutions that include camera, software, and precision illumination specifically designed for the verification of 1D/2D codes and direct part marks (DPM) to ISO/IEC standards. Our LVS® Barcode Verifiers are fully-integrated solutions designed for accurate, reliable verification to application standards such as GS1, HIBC, USPS, and ISO/IEC 15415/15416.

  • GS1 US® and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready
  • Verifies to over 20 global application standards and over 30 symbology types
  • Enables U.S. FDA UDI (Unique Device Identification) compliance for Medical Device Manufacturers and Labelers
  • Provides comprehensive and user-friendly barcode defect analysis to help guide corrections
  • Includes a local report archive as well as an external database interface to provide flexible, quality reporting

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